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Talisman refers to special objects that are believed to hold magical aura. Often known as amulets, these objects are a vital part of any magic charm. Talismans are mainly created to serve two main purposes- to protect the person and to bring good luck in life. It is said that the talisman should be created by that person who will be using it. You need to hold sound knowledge of the symbolism of planetary and elemental forces.

A talisman can also feature other aspects of magic like specific scents, color, patterns and so on. For example, if you want to create a talisman to bring luck and money to your life, the amulet might include a hint of green. In magic, green is the color of money.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not too tough to create a talisman. It’s just that you have to be sincere and dedicated about the making.

Here is a brief on how to make a talisman for your protection or good luck.

First, you will need to select the physical base of the talisman. It’s mostly a stone which fits the astrological sign of the person who will be using the talisman. Make sure whatever physical object you choose, bears a deep connection with you as a person, your desires and intentions to use the talisman.

The next step is to instill positive vibes into your physical base. For a whole week, you will devote 10-15 minutes in praying for the base. As you pray, you will imagine positive energy getting infused into the object. Visualize the energy coming from the deity or God you believe in the most. Remember, you have to make the amulet or talisman the best possible physical face of your intention or desire that you wish to achieve. So, while you meditate for the energy, pray for the fulfillment of your desire that you want to attain through the talisman.

Then, be careful of polarities. It is said that the talisman can get charged by the energy of the user. So, when you are in a great mood, make sure to keep the talisman with you. But store it in somewhere safe and away from you when you are sad.

After you infuse positive vibes into the talisman, you will have to seal it. According to experts, you will seal the talisman with the force of one among the 4 main elements of nature- air, water, fire, and earth. There is no hard and fast rule as to which element is to be used for which talisman. But the common thing is to seal with that elemental force that matches the best with the intention of talisman.

You can carry the talisman with you all the time, except when you are in a negative state of mind to prevent negative vibes from passing into it. Some talismans are used to hang on front doors to attract good luck. You can also pray to the talisman when you are stressed to create positive vibes around you.

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